#153 Sam The Hormone Goddess Podcast: Hormone health, perimenopause, mother, maiden, crone

In this conversation, Jen & Sam discuss women’s health, slowing down, listening to your body, and the journey from maiden to mother to crone. Why it’s important to reclaim the language of Crone and Witch. Follow Sam on Instagram @the_hormone_goddess Get your free 5 day body and mind reset here www.iamjenwilson.com/free5day Subscribe to my YouTube […]

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#152 Podcast hand massage and acupressure points for relaxation and soothing anxiety

In this podcast, Jen guides you through a relaxing hand massage and teaches you a couple of acupressure points that are excellent for cooling a hot flush, calming the mind and calming anxiety https://youtu.be/X2un0XzBzxM  Get access to Jen’s free 5 day body & mind reset www.iamjenwilson.com/free5day Subscribe to my YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/iamjenwilson Like my Facebook […]

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My Soup Challenge

I was listening to a doctor talk about one of her patients who turned his health around by including a smoothie every day that had 57 different ingredients in it. He would go to the farmers market and buy whatever was in season, put it together in batches and make it up daily. He went […]

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