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Lower back pain might be coming from tight hips


If you spend a lot of your day sitting on a chair (including your sofa), chances are you will have tight hips. There is a possibility you are not aware that you have tight hips, if you sit, and have lower back pain, it could be coming from your hips. 

The incredible thing about your hips/pelvis is all your limbs and torso muscles (approximately 30 muscles) are attached here. It’s involved in sitting, standing, walking, running, getting up and down to the floor.

Your pelvis is the bowl that hols your reproductive organs (if you still have them), and your abdominal organs. 

It supports your spine and the weight of your upper body.

Other than back pain, tight hips could also cause digestive issues, bowel movement, urination or reproductive issues AND cause problems for your knees… 

Happy hips reduces pain and improves movement… 

My Happy Hips Masterclass is included in my Pilates & Yoga at Home On Demand Membership, but if you don’t want to commit to the membership, you can purchase the Happy Hips Masterclass on it’s own (there is an example of some of the teaching in the video below). 

It’s even suitable for people with hip joint replacements. I would encourage you to get your hips mobile ahead of the need for you to replace the joints!   

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