Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Life Hacks

Disclaimer: the links on this page that take you to Amazon are affiliate links, that means I make a small commission from Amazon from each sale – it is pennies, but all the pennies add up and considering they take a juicy 40% from each of my books just for hosting them on their site I am taking even the 1% I can get back… A girl needs to eat!

Everything I recommend on here are products that I already use myself and love, no bullshit just to make another penny. I have split them in to categories with a bold heading; Sleep hygiene, health enhancers.


Red light-bulbs. I have replaced some of my light-bulbs in the house to these red lights, removing some of the white light, from the first day of having them in I noticed a difference. Considering changing all of them!

Blue Light Filter Glasses. I use these any time I am using a screen for more than a quick check to see if I have any messages. Our eyes are now constantly bombarded with extra light outside of natural light that we need to do something to protect them. In addition to the red light-bulbs I rock about the house in these glasses. I chose these ones because they have a clear lenses, there are cheaper ones with yellow lenses. Saying that, these are still pretty inexpensive and will save you money in the long term not needing glasses or changing your prescription from screen damage.

Blackout Sleep Mask. This was one of the first investments that I made when I realised how important sleep was and was struggling to actually get to sleep. This mask is THE BUSINESS. It’s comfortable, it doesn’t have any sneaky light gaps, it’s made of silk so it doesn’t get too hot… i bought one for my partner and he is converted to wearing them too!

Ear Plugs. During the summer I need the window open for the air, but I live next to a main road which can be noisy so I invested in ear plugs. I have found the silicone ones the most comfortable and they don’t pop out!


Tongue scraper. This health enhancer has seen me through the last 2 years of dentist visits and not need a clean and polish! I opted for copper as it is naturally antibacterial (it doesn’t pick up any nasties in the bathroom). It is a traditional Ayurveda process, it cleans your tongue which freshens your breath and also removes the toxins that are pushed out through your tongue (that white coating you sometimes get – if you have a lot I would recommend seeking out an Ayurvedic practitioner to help you as your digestive system may be compromised)

Neti Pot. I love a morning nasal cleanse (another Ayurveda practice). When I first got the neti pot I used to use it all the time. One of the main benefits I have found is the reduction in allergies I now have. If you get a blocked nose this is great to soothe and unblock your sinuses too.

Mediation Cushion. This one is quite high at 15cm but I found it perfect as a starter cushion to sit kneeling or cross legged. Now I have worn it in a bit I can mold it in at a lower height when my hips are feeling a bit more open.

Floradix Floravital and Spatone Natural Liquid Iron. My iron was on the low side of healthy (I had a blood test done and would always recommend before adding supplements) and I couldn’t tolerate the tablets from the Dr so I have been using both of these iron supplements as they are gentle on the stomach. The Floravital is yeast and gluten free.

Natural Raw Propolis, I am not going to lie, I think it tastes like chewing gum that has lost its flavour, my partner and friends assure me they think it tastes sweet… Anyway, it’s natures potent healer; anti inflammatory and antimicrobial making. As someone with active Crohn’s I am always willing to try anything that will help me heal.

Shampoo. When I was diagnosed with Crohns I made the conscious decision to remove as many toxins from my body as possible. Shampoo and conditioner, along with shower gel and body creams were all removed. I replaced my shampoo with these herbs (you mix them together and make a tea to wash your hair). So many people have commented on the condition of my hair since I started using these.

Water filters. I live in a built up area near the city and you can smell the chlorine from the water running from the tap (I can anyway) so I filter my water to clean it up before drinking it.

Tea Tree Oil. I started using tea tree oil in my bath when I had a perianal fistual (a real pain in my ass haha) and have continued to use it, mostly because it smells good. I also use it mixed with white vinegar and water in a spray bottle as disinfectant for the bathroom and kitchen. I use this particular brand because of the trusted accreditation labels they have. When it comes to using essential oils you NEED to be really careful, there are a lot of cheap and nasty imitations out there! You can get a single bottle here, but the double bottle is better value for money and if you use it in your bath and to set up your cleaning products you will initially use up a bottle pretty fast.


Juicer. I chose this one as it masticates the fruit and veg before juicing, I find you get more juice from your food (I still push the pulp through for a second squeeze though). Easy to operate, easy to clean and not to big to store away.

Instant Chicory Drink. I discovered this when I was looking for dandelion root that didn’t have any sweetener added to it, this was recommended to me… It’s like a hug in a mug. I love this drink with coconut milk and a touch of honey.

Cocoa Chicory Drink… the hot chocolate version of above… delicious to warm you up in the soul.

Recipe book. I have loads of recipe books. I tend to get them, read them, put tabs on pages where the pictures look amazing then put them on the shelf and never make anything from them… Not the case with this one… I have made loads of the recipes and the first section has really useful and easy to understand information about Ayurveda and how to use the book for your health.

Magnesium Powder. I started adding magnesium to my water in about 2018 and I have never looked back. This video here shows you how I make my magnesium water and this is the powder I use

And this is the Celtic sea salt I use


Kindle Fire HD 8 Tablet. I don’t own a TV and the sound on my laptop is pants so anything I want to watch I watch through this. Great for apps, I do have books on here but I still prefer the real deal paper kind and would only read on this device indoors – they are not good for outside. I use the original Kindle for books when I am traveling.

Bluetooth Headphones. I don’t appreciate sound quality enough to be spending the big bucks on top quality headphones. I did buy and return a couple of cheaper pairs before I found these ones. Hold a good charge, come with a cable for when you forget to charge them up and they are comfy.

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