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Spicy Lemon Cod

Every time I go away I end up eating more fish, and then I come home craving more. 

This spicy lemon cod is easy, quick and delicious, cod is a good source of omega 3 oils when it’s wild caught!


Wild caught cod filet – dry them off in kitchen paper before cooking them

Juice of 1 lemon

Cayenne pepper

Olive Oil 

 Veg sides of choice – this time I had potato wedges, green beans, and jalapeno peppers. 

Herbs & Spices of choice to season your veg


Par boil the potato wedges (I usually do this in the morning to allow the potatoes to cool, this increases the resistant starch which is excellent for your gut and helping mop up excess hormones, histamine, helps stabilise blood sugars, helps regulate cholesterol and helps feelings of satiety). 

 Heat the oven to finish roasting the potatoes which I season with cayenne, sea salt, oregano, basil and sage. 

In a bowl mix the juice of the lemon, cayenne pepper, and 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil to dip the cod filets in.

The fish only takes 8-10mins to cook, so any other veg that needs to be steamed or cooked start that. 

Heat a frying pan or skillet, dip the cod in the lemon, chilli and oil, then place on the pan to cook, turning after a few minutes to cook through. 

Once cooked you are good to go!    

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