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Mindset Matters…

I was talking at a holistic fayre on Sunday about my 5 pillars of healing: Know your values, hydrate properly, connect to your breath, move your body, and love your lymph. 

Someone asked me, what do you do if you are not even ready for those steps, if they feel too far out of your reach…

That question took me back to my sick bed, to my mindset that moved me forward and got me on the path to healing. 

Mindset is everything! Getting out of the ‘I am a sick person and there is nothing I can do’ mindset was vital to my healing journey. 

There was a recent study that came out talking about the mind-body connection and how your thoughts can increase or decrease inflammation! Amazing… 

Are you someone who lives with a chronic illness and feels stuck? Or do you know someone that is stuck? 

I have a message that people with chronic illness might not want to hear, but the NEED to hear.. If that’s you, click below to get access to the recording. If you know someone, PLEASE can you pass this on so you can help me, help them.

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