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Which is better for you, Pilates or Yoga?

I am often asked which is better, Pilates or Yoga?

My answer is always: It depends on what you need, what your body needs, what you will enjoy to therefore, do… 

I teach Pilates & Yoga my way, which is different to most other teachers. I make adaptations especially if you are living with a health issue (I have Crohn’s and Endometriosis myself, so can empathise if you have mobility issues), I have also worked with the MS Society, and a Neurodivergent charity. If you have had joint replacement surgery, I have worked with clients who have had hip and knee replacement surgery.

Making sure you have the right teacher for YOU is very important. I teach in a way where I ask you to listen to your body, make adjustments as required, and not do exercises that don’t feel right for you on that day.

Generally, I think, movement is movement. The intention you put into the movement determines the outcome. There are many shapes made in both Pilates and Yoga, the difference comes with the intention.  


The intention of Pilates is stabilisation, control, and building strength while connecting to your breath. I teach it in a layered approach, so get the movement 1st, then layer in the breath once you don’t need to concentrate so much on the move. We can use equipment in Pilates to help with muscle activation and enhance the results of the exercise improving strength and control. You are connecting mind, body and breath.


I teach relaxing Yoga, where you are also connecting mind, body and breath. It’s a somatic experience – listening and observing movement, connecting the movement to the breath, never forcing, always exploring. There are MANY different styles of Yoga, so you must try different ones, especially if you don’t feel the benefit you expect. My whole class is done seated/lying then finishing with a guided body scan (Yoga Nidra) meditation.

How I Teach

How I teach both have incredible benefits for quieting the chatty mind and teaching you to observe, listen and respond to your body. I am always beating the drum of, ‘If something doesn’t feel right in your body, don’t do it!’

Moving your body is essential for your vitality and longevity. None of us wants to get old, but we will get old (if lucky). That doesn’t mean you need to get frail.

My classes are built to meet the needs of those who attend and class is adapted each session depending on those needs and the energy they are feeling (more gentle when tired, more challenging when lively).

Most of my clients are midlife plus, they look, move and feel about 40 (or younger). But they feel it in their bodies when they haven’t been getting to class. They understand and feel the benefits of regular exercise (physically and mentally). 

If you are struggling with aches and pains in your body. If you are experiencing arthritis, osteoporosis, joint issues, muscle weakness, fibromyalgia, balance problems or just know you need to move your body, Pilates and Yoga could be exactly what you are looking for.

I offer classes online, both live and on-demand.

My timetable for live online classes

Tue 10am Gentle Pilates

Wed 10am Relaxing Yoga

Sat 10am Posture Pilates

The on-demand membership allows you to access a wide variety of Pilates and Yoga classes, including Seated Mobility, Mobility and Strength, Beginners Pilates, Pilates Blast, Mindful Movement and more.

If you have been promising yourself to move more in 2024, I would strongly encourage you to explore Pilates and Yoga as fantastic body and mind-beneficial classes.

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