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Tights hips causing lower back pain?

How are you this Monday? 

Unless you have a specific injury or bulging disc, most back pain doesn’t come from problems in the back. It can be referred pain, tight hips, or weak abdominal muscles. 

Tight hips, weak butt and abdominal muscles are often a contributing factor of bulging discs (if it’s not been a specific injury). 

Do you notice your lower back getting achy after sitting, standing or walking? 

Do you get sudden twinges as though your back is about to go? 

Do you feel that you hold yourself rigidly in an attempt to protect your back? 

If you spend a lot of time sitting, your hips will be tight, and your butt will be weak – add to that slumping or hunched over, and your abs will be weak too. 

All of this will show up as back pain. If you think about that rounded forward posture, all the back muscles are stretched. 

If you liken that to an elastic band that’s stretched over time, it gets weaker, loses its elasticity, and then gets saggy or snaps! 

We don’t want your muscles to get saggy or snap! 

To get started, we need to improve mobility in the joints that are held by tight muscles. We do that gently -if you try to force it (which I have seen some teachers do), your nervous system will go on high alert and never let go of that tension – or you will end up injured and in a worse state. 

So please move gently. Always listen to your body and honour what it’s telling you.  

If you have tight hips and maybe also a bad back (but if you don’t have that yet, let’s do something sooner rather than wait until you are in pain). 

You will move more freely. You will ease out the pain; you will be able to stand taller and go for walks with the confidence that you won’t end up with back pain (if you do still have back pain, then we need to look at your shoes! but that’s for another day). 

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