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Did you switch your seated desk for standing and you still have problems?

Happy Monday to you, and Happy Birthday to me… 45 years young! Every day, every year is a blessing and something to be celebrated. I don’t understand people that are horrified at their age… whatever age you are, you are lucky you are there! Not everyone get’s to be the age we are. 

We need to take good care of the house we live in (our bodies I mean, not the bricks and mortar – sadly I know many people who take better care of their bricks and mortar than they do their body). 

What can you do?  

Over the last decade, there has been a movement shift as we realise how harmful sitting all day is for our health, and that shift has moved towards standing desks. Awesome… but I know many people who made that shift and are now experiencing different aches and pains in their body…


The big problem isn’t the sitting. The problem is the lack of movement and variation of your weight loading through different bones and muscles. If you went from sitting all day to standing in one place all day, you still have a stillness problem.

My suggestion to help you is to have a few different places you can work from, seated at your desk, standing and sitting on the floor (I appreciate that it isn’t so easy if you work in an office, but you can choose to sit on the floor at home!).

The more you can move your body throughout the day, the less you have to find time to try and fit exercise into your day. Exercise classes and sessions at the gym do have their benefits, but adding in more movement throughout the day will enhance those results or give you an alternative if you don’t have time or hate going!

The more you move and load the tissues of your body in different ways, the less you have to spend going to see physios, osteopaths and chiropractors!

Now I know not everyone can get down on the floor, there may be mobility issues that prevent this. This is where your autonomy and authority over your own body comes in. What can you do? How can you move in a way that works for you? Are you doing that often enough? 

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