Thursday, June 08, 2023
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I am passionate about finding different ways to help us relax, rest, recharge and quiet the mind… These are all things that I struggled with for a long time.  And this week, I had a really interesting conversation with a friend/colleague/client about being on a healing journey.  Something I focused on when I worked with a […]

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Quick & Easy Pasta

Quick & Easy Pasta            Fiber Points 9+ 70g pasta per person (wholewheat, lentil, spinach or buckwheat pasta will give you fiber points, regular pasta won’t) Olive oil Garlic Herbs of your choice (the more variety the more points) Pine nuts (or any nuts) Hemp seeds (or any seeds) Toasted Sesame seeds […]

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Feeling Unbalanced?

I have been feeling scattered, unbalanced and anxious. I also have been noticing my joints have been clicking, I have fast and loose bowel movements, gas and a few other things. Ayurveda (sister science of Yoga) identifies this as a Vata imbalance. Consuming grounding foods – root veg with herbs. My dinner tonight : roast […]

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