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A healthy snack for a sweet tooth

I don’t have a sweet tooth, I could go weeks without anything sweet. But, when the notion takes, I like to try and reach for something healthy that will also give me a fiber boost to keep my gut microbes happy. 

This snack is super easy, and delicious! 

Stuffed Dates Fiber Points 2+

Medjool dates (these are the best because they are squishy)

Raw nuts (any of your choice, I like brazil, almonds, hazelnuts, or cashews for this one)

Optional to melt dark chocolate to roll your stuffed dates in.

Coconut flakes, sea salt, sesame seeds or hemp seeds to garnish

Slice open your date, stuff it with your nuts (that makes me giggle like an immature school girl)

Roll in melted chocolate if that’s your fancy – you will need a sheet of baking paper to lay them out on to set

Sprinkle with coconut or seeds

And enjoy!!

What will you stuff your dates with?   

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