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Feeling Unbalanced?

I have been feeling scattered, unbalanced and anxious. I also have been noticing my joints have been clicking, I have fast and loose bowel movements, gas and a few other things.

Ayurveda (sister science of Yoga) identifies this as a Vata imbalance.

Consuming grounding foods – root veg with herbs.

My dinner tonight : roast veg (in ghee) potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrot, onion, with carrot kraut and cabbage kraut, stuffed vine leaves and haddock with a spring onion and miso gravy.

Grounding – lying on the floor
Essential oil blend – lavander, orange, lemon, sandalwood
Breath work – finding a calming breath for me
And resting

Being able to check in with our symptoms (awareness) and working with nature to help bring yourself back into harmony (for now)

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