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It’s the season to really look after you lymphatic system

Welcome to your movement Monday email…  It’s the season of bugs, viruses, colds, flu… and the time that a daily lymphatic routine is ESSENTIAL! Symptoms we experience whether through illness, allergies, our menstrual cycles, perimenopause or menopause are signals from our body of something we need to listen to. Responding compassionately is where healing occurs… […]

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Feeling Unbalanced?

I have been feeling scattered, unbalanced and anxious. I also have been noticing my joints have been clicking, I have fast and loose bowel movements, gas and a few other things. Ayurveda (sister science of Yoga) identifies this as a Vata imbalance. Consuming grounding foods – root veg with herbs. My dinner tonight : roast […]

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Massage, Reiki, Access Bars. Sound Healing, Springburn, North Glasgow

Welcome to I Am Jen Wilson HQ When are you coming for a treatment? I offer massage (females only). Reiki, Access Bars and Sound Healing Therapy #womenover40 #thehealingrebel #holistichealing #holistichealer #energyhealing #energyhealer #glasgowhealer #glasgowhealing #massagetherapist #healingmassage #accessbars #awakenconsciousness #accessingconsciousness #accessconsciousness #reikihealing

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6 Stages of Disease

This is an excerpt from my upcoming book The Healing Rebel I think it’s important to start at understanding how dis-ease appears in our bodies. In my research I looked a lot to the Eastern methods for inspiration and understanding, there they have 5000 years of procedures and processes and Western science is slowly starting […]

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