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Resting in Menopause

I have been talking about resting in the last few weeks of Wednesday emails.  Another conversation I am having more than I would like is with women in perimenopause (and post-menopause) who have to take time off work because of their symptoms.  They feel like they are losing their minds and unable to cope with everything.  […]

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Feeling Unbalanced?

I have been feeling scattered, unbalanced and anxious. I also have been noticing my joints have been clicking, I have fast and loose bowel movements, gas and a few other things. Ayurveda (sister science of Yoga) identifies this as a Vata imbalance. Consuming grounding foods – root veg with herbs. My dinner tonight : roast […]

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What is Menopause Massage?

If you are struggling with symptoms like: hot flushes brain fog joint pain anxiety mood swings fatigue sleep disruption night sweats irregular periods vaginal dryness loss of sex drive (libido) Know that you are not alone and these symptoms may be a sign of (peri)menopause, or maybe you are post-menopausal and still experiencing symptoms. A […]

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Spring into your 2nd Spring

Spring into your 2nd Spring…Take back control of your life and your health. Perimenopause, Menopause, chronic conditions…Join me 29th April4 weeks online EARLY BIRD PRICE UNTIL 20TH APRIL SAVE £30 #perimenopause #menopause #healthyhabits #acceptance #symptommanagement #crohnsdisease #chronicfatigue #chronicpain #crohnsandcolitis #endometriosis #jointpain #arthritis #fibromyalgia #listentoyourbody #loveyourlife #onlinecoaching

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Love Your Lymph

I am passionate about finding different ways to help us move more and the most beneficial ways to help the body heal.    I have had the privilege of working with a client 1:1 online doing lymphatic drainage work.  It’s very simple, yet very powerful.  Something that I am trying to get away from is when […]

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