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Healing Chai Tea

Welcome to Saturday Kitchen, my favourite recipes. The vast majority of them are gut-friendly, gut-healing, and digestive-supporting. 

I have had quite a few new people join my mailing list recently, so if you are new here, welcome. 

The reason I share these recipes is I have a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease and Endometriosis. 

From my years of research and education, every disease starts from a disruption in your gut health – which in turn causes inflammation and then disease manifests in a whole host of ways from autoimmunity to cancers… 

So, looking after your gut health and supporting digestion is vitally important. 

Prevention is better than the cure (because often there is no cure) and if like me, prevention is too late, it’s not too late to do what you can to support your health and minimise your symptoms going forward. 


This tea is my all-time favourite… I recently served it at my Escape Mini Retreat and it went down a storm… 

Just like a lot of my recipes, I am not big on measuring things out, and depending on what flavours you have a preference for, will determine what balance you use… 

Fresh ginger (a few slices), 

cardamon pods (just a couple), 

coriander seed (maybe a teaspoon), 

cloves (about 4), 

fennel seed (maybe a teaspoon), 

star anise (1 star), 

liquorice root (a pinch – CAUTION, don’t use this if you are on cortisone steroids eg prednisolone, as it will make the drug stronger. Liquorice is specifically noted on the information/warning label), 

rooibos loose-leaf tea (about a tablespoon or empty one tea bag – this makes it naturally caffeine-free, if you are looking for the caffeine kick, you can use black tea)… 

about 500ml cold filtered water. 

Slowly bring to a boil, then let gently simmer for at least 10mins (longer if you have the patience. If you forget and the water reduces too much, you can top it back up, just don’t boil it dry… You may lose a pot if you do! And, yes, I speak from experience. 

Then, it’s up to you if you add any milk you choose. Sometimes I add milk, sometimes I don’t… This is great to help aid digestion. It can help reduce inflammation. 

It’s a beautiful, heart-warming drink. If you need to warm your body up from the inside, adding a touch of turmeric or cayenne pepper can help too. 

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