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Do you need to escape?


I struggle to rest and relax in my own home… It’s where I work, so my mind constantly thinks about what needs to be done, what services I can offer, and what’s next… 

It’s constant and difficult to switch off from. I need to escape my house to recharge… 

Do you, like me find it challenging to rest and relax in your environment? Something around the house always needs tidying or cleaning, or someone else wants your attention. 

Would you like to escape for 3 hours and have time that’s just for you? 

I have a special 3 hours escape for body and mind reset and recharge. 

Half-Day Escape for Body & Mind

Join me for a bespoke mini-retreat. An example of what your session could be like:

  • Love your lymph session.
  • Gentle self-massage, mobility & movement
  • Healing chai tea (other teas will be available)
  • Relaxing guided meditation and sound bath

We choose the right treatments for you depending on what’s going on in your life. 

Got questions? Drop me an email Ask away…

Ready to book? Book here>>>

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