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Take back control

Control the controllable’s, let go of the rest—that was a great piece of advice I was given by my senior lecturer at college. 

Living with health issues or life challenges and responsibilities can sometimes leave us feeling like we are not in control of anything. And within that, things will be out of our control. But within it, there will be lots that are within the control. 

How often and in what way do you move your body, for example? 

There are no guidelines for what a sedentary lifestyle looks like, BUT, we know that we ‘should’ be moving every 30-45mins (for a few mins) and if you are sitting down for multiple chunks of 90mins or more at a time, without much movement in between, I would challenge that there is too much stillness for your body. 

If you are living with pain or ill health, or a disability, that could be challenging, but there is always something you could do. It sucks to be bedbound, housebound, and limited in your movement abilities – I know from first-hand experience. 

If you are busy looking after other people, how much longer can you go without looking after yourself? 

So many women I work with come to me after they have injured themselves, broken a bone, had a joint replaced, or been told they need to do something by a physio/doctor. 

It’s rarely too late to improve your situation. 

So what can you do?  

Start where you are, have awareness of your activity, and try and increase what you currently do by 5%. 

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