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The fundamentals of your health…

With your health, how much attention do you give to the fundamentals? 

Know your values, drink sufficient fluids to hydrate, eat nourishing food, breathe well, and move your body multiple times a day… Then build from there… Magic pills & speedy results sound sexy… But they don’t last (if they even work)… 

If you make sustainable lifestyle changes, and get the foundations down, you will be well on your way to building a strong, resilient body. 

I live ‘well’ with chronic health conditions, which both surprises and confuses many of the doctors and nurses I see… When I tell them things I do, you can see a puzzled look…. I don’t know what they are thinking, most don’t say anything out loud…

Often I hear ‘well if you think what you are doing is working, keep doing that’.  

I don’t ‘think’ what I am doing is working, I know it’s working! It’s when I go back to the foundations and work from there that I notice the biggest changes. 

None of it is fancy, complicated or even controversial!  

Are you getting the fundamentals down? 

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