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Resetting circadian rhythm for better sleep

How has your sleep been recently? 

Since the clocks changed, my sleep has been awful! I go to bed, read, nearly fall asleep, put the book out then ping! wide awake again… Or falling asleep easily but waking up with any sound, movement or needing the toilet. All of those disturbances are an indication that you are not in deep restful sleep. 

I don’t do well with rubbish sleep (does anyone?), and because I know the health implications of poor sleep, that can make things even more frustrating BUT there have  been a few adaptations to my reaction to not sleeping. 

Things I am doing to help my sleep:

1. I am trying to not get annoyed that I am not asleep, and accepting that I am still resting, even though I am not asleep – the stress and frustration isn’t going to help from either a hormonal response (adrenaline and cortisol boosting doesn’t help relax). 

2. Bringing awareness into my breath and counting the breath in and out to create a meditative state while not sleeping.

3. Reviewing my pre bedtime routine (I have been picking up my phone ‘to have a quick check’ – 30 mins later still scrolling). Screen time should be switched off an hour or more before bed!

4. I have had a few epsom salt baths this week to boost my magnesium levels, which is essential for soothing your nervous system. 

5. Reviewing my lack of time outside on a regular basis. Sunlight in your eyes, particularly first thing in the morning is the fastest way to reset your circadian rhythm so you get to sleep at night.  

6. Doing a short Yoga Nidra guided meditation in the morning which has been shown to be as beneficial as a nap (and I can’t nap)

7. No food 3 hours before bed. If you eat within that window, your digestion will keep you awake or the heaviness of the undigested food won’t allow you to go into the deep restful sleep we need.

8. Have a cup of my Sweet Dreams Tea before bed to help me relax. You can get your’s here

What else do you do to help you get a better sleep?

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