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A year from now you will wish you started today

If only I had (enter whatever habit you are procrastinating on here) last year… I would be so much further ahead… 

I feel conflicted writing that first sentence because I believe everything happens at the right time, and we need to be in enough pain to push us in another direction… BUT… most of us humans look back with regret. And, a great question my friend Julie shared with me (and she lives by this), is, ‘Will my future me be happy with this decision?’

Every decision we make impacts our future selves. Yet, we live in a mindset of instant gratification – which I could argue isn’t entirely your fault… social media, next-day delivery, full seasons of TV shows available to binge, disposable income, etc., all feed that be happy now, instant dopamine hit gratification.

Here comes another BUT. What you do have is discipline… and that is a muscle that needs to be flexed to get stronger (just like any muscle in your body). 

First, you can’t make changes without awareness, so you can let go of beating yourself up… Once you have awareness, then you can start to identify where changes you want/need to make are, then start making the changes. 

So, where do you want to see yourself in a year (or even next month or week if that’s more manageable)?

What habit have you been putting off formulating? 

What element of your life do you want or need more control? 

If it’s your health… then I can help… 

Are you ready to prioritise your health and well-being? 

Not having your health is hell… I know. Living with Crohn’s and endometriosis is a continual journey of ups and downs. I have been in flares where I haven’t been able to walk, wash, get up and down from the toilet – and that is rough!

If ‘I really must do that’ is a phrase you hear yourself using all too often, then I encourage you, here and now, to do something about it.  

The Healing Rebel Mastery Membership is about empowering YOU.

It’s about giving you freedom, knowledge, skills, and independence regarding your health.

It’s about reconnecting with yourself, gaining control, and genuinely listening to and responding to the needs of your body.

It’s NOT about fads, supplements or quick fixes. 

When I did my degree in Sport & Exercise Science, I thought I would be using those skills to enhance fitness and performance in the ‘fit and healthy’, not helping empower people struggling with their health… I LOVE helping people learn about what is possible. Those tiny changes in a day make BIG differences… 

One client I recently worked with went from not understanding her core values to getting clear on them and making necessary changes to her life so she feels optimistic about the future. 

Another client struggled to lift and move her leg without support but can now move with less assistance. 

Another has made friends with her body and loves being able to hear the messages it’s sending her about its needs so she can nourish and nurture it. 

So, if you are ready to join the rebellion… I have 3 options… 

Get full details and join HERE 

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