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Shhhh, it’s oh so quiet

Is your mind noisy? Do you constantly have a voice in your head chippering away – sometimes it’s you inner critic, sometimes it’s your wee old lady grumbling and groaning, sometimes it’s the voice of inspiration, sometimes it’s word turrets as you remember things you have to do or buy – Anyone else standing in the pasta aisle and randomly shout ‘carrots’??

Anyway, the constant chatter can get wearing (especially if the critic is loud a lot of the time!). 

There are lots of ways to help quiet your inner chatter: 


There are lots of different types of meditation, and it’s not a suitable practice for everyone. Like I am always saying, if it doesn’t make you feel good, don’t keep pushing through, try something else. A sound bath, like the one I am hosting on Sat 1st Oct 2-3pm can be a great introduction to meditation if you don’t like sitting quietly. Book your space here If you would prefer to have a private experience you can check availability and book here >>>…

Pilates / Yoga

You might not notice when you are doing class, but if you are paying attention to what I am asking you to do and how the movement feels in your body, the chatter does get quieter. Many people finish class feeling rested and relaxed. This is one of the reasons why. Caveat – if you go into auto pilot in class then your internal chatter can still go wild. If you are not already joining class, you might want to check out classes here >>>


One of the purposes of Reiki is to help you get to a place of deep relaxation. During the Reiki session you set your intention and settle in. The music and energy is all there to help you quieten and calm your systems. Check availability & book here >>>…

Access Bars

This amazing technique is like pressing mute on your chatter. The creators have worked with neuroscientists and done MRI scans on someone before and after having their Bars run and the change in brain activity is quite amazing. The red active sites change to green quiet and calm.  Check availability & book here >>>…

There are lots of ways I can help you quiet the noise in your head… 

What is your favourite way? 


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