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Who benefits from doing Pilates?


I have been teaching Pilates since 2009!

I absolutely love teaching it in my live online classes and in 1:1 sessions. 

The thing I love most about it is it’s so adaptable and I am yet to work with someone that couldn’t get a benefit from the exercises, no matter how we adapted them. 

Alignment, concentrated movements, muscle activation, and breath. 

You don’t need to be flexible, fit, or strong to do Pilates.

When Joseph Pilates first created the technique, he worked with patients bed-bound in hospital. He noticed the patients he worked with recovered faster and better than patients who weren’t doing his method. 

He then went on to teach dancers, boxers, gymnasts. It was the ballet dancers who truly embraced it and it became so popular… 

Nowadays its repeatedly recommended by physiotherapists… and me! 

Are you ready to start on your Pilates journey? 

Working with me, you can either go alone with my online course, join the live online classes, or work with me 1:1 either online or in person at my home studio in Springburn. 

Not sure where to start or have questions? just hit reply to this email! 

Online Timetable

Tuesday 10am Gentle Pilates

Wednesday 10am Relaxing Yoga

Saturday 10am Posture Pilates

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