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The ultimate comfort food

What is your ultimate comfort food? My absolute comfort food is macaroni cheese, chips AND garlic bread! BUT… fiber points = pretty much zero, unless I went to the bother of making the vegan version, but that just doesn’t cut it. 

For my new subscribers, just to update you on what the fiber points thing is about. A healthy gut is a gut with a broad diversity of gut microbes and the only way to get good diversity is to eat a wide range of fiber sources to feed those bugs. The science says aiming for 30+ sources a week (fiber points), that includes fruit, veg, herbs, spices, nuts, seeds and whole grains, and it’s sources, not portions. The recipes I share here and on my blog are easy ways to get fiber points. That’s why my mac cheese doesn’t cut it. 

I do have a few other comfort foods: kitchari dahl, any kind of veggie curry, lentil soup and homemade pizza! And something that shocks a lot of people, NO CHEESE on my pizza… don’t knock it until you have tried it.

This weeks recipe: 

Tortilla Pizza Fiber Points 5+

The 5 points are just for the tomato sauce!! 

Tomato sauce:

Tin tomato (check no added salt or sugar)

Chillies (optional)

Basil (fresh or dried)

Oregano (fresh or dried)

1 clove garlic crushed

Blitz together in a food processor or blender

Pizza base options:

Sourdough flat bread (need to prepare the day before if you have a sourdough starter on the go)

Sourdough pizza base (I quite like the one from Morrison’s)

Homemade pizza base (flour water & salt)

2 tortilla wraps – sandwich some of the tomato sauce between wraps

Dry fry both sides of the wrap sandwich till slightly crispy


Here you get to make your dream pizza. Topping ideas:

Rest of the tomato sauce

Spinach & rocket (or just spinach)

Cherry tomatoes (chopped)

Bell peppers (any colour) (chopped)

Small onion (thinly sliced) red onion can be a nice alternative

Button mushrooms (sliced)

Roast aubergine

Roast sweet potatoes (cut them into small pieces and roast them before you add them as a topping)

Dried basil & oregano

Dried chilli flakes

Pine nuts

Pineapple (I know this one causes arguments)

Chicken breast pieces

Cheese (if you like – I prefer no cheese personally)

The world is your oyster making your own pizza toppings and the more variety, the more fiber points

Heat oven to 180c. 

Spread tomato sauce over tyour base, and add your choice of topping. Place in the oven for 10-15 mins if you are using the tortilla wraps or shop bought base, 15-20 mins if you are making your own base.

What would you put on yours? 

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