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Move more in 2024

How has the start to your year been? I have mentioned in emails before that I am not big on the new year, new me thing, but I also understand why people use the new year as a turning point. 

What I want to encourage you, no matter whether you are making changes at this time of year or not is, go at your own pace. It can be easy to get super motivated and go full speed and then hit the wall, or life happens, or you get sick or injured, or you go for a night out and it knocks you off track. 

If you do go off track, navigate back on as soon as you can. 

If you find you have gone out the gate too fast and you can’t maintain the pace, rather than give up, go slower. 

Slow is better than nothing. 

I rejoined the gym back in October after many years of not going. I have gone slow, I go when I feel its right. I am aiming for twice a week and some days I will go in and start to exercise and realise I need to back off, so I go and do some stretches and mobility work. Sometimes I go in, feel good, then push myself just a bit too hard and wipe myself out for the rest of the day (and the following day as was the case this week). 

The important thing is not beating yourself up, do what you can, and listen to your body. 

Saturday was the first day back with the live online classes and it was lovely to see people logged on and ready to move. 

Tomorrow (Tuesday) the live in person classes start back for their 7 week block. The 615pm class is full, but I have a new beginners block starting at 730pm and there is still a couple of spaces left for that at my home studio in Springburn. 

Pilates is excellent to help with back pain, knee or hip pain or joint pain, stiff or achy muscles, it’s a great low impact class to help build strength and improve balance and co-ordination. You will leave the class feeling energised, but relaxed. 

If you would like to get booked in for the beginner’s block, or you have any questions, just send me an email at 

If you are not ready to join class yet, I have a free Happy Feet Challenge that I am sharing across my social media platforms (FacebookInstagram & YouTube) check it out wherever you like to hang out. Your feet are your foundations and a very important part to effective and efficient movement that’s often overlooked (but not in my classes!).

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