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Nourishing Herbal Infusions

Nutrutios Herbal Infusions

30g dried herbs

1-litre mason jar with lid

Boiling water

Put the herb into the jar, fill the jar right to the top with boiling water. Push the herbs down and top up the water if necessary. Leave for 4-10 hours. Drain the liquid then drink over the day.

I would drink the liquid over 24-36 hours. After this it might have started to ferment. In which case you can feed it to your plants as a natural nourishing fertiliser.

Herbs are packed with vitamins and minerals. Different herbs have different benefits. The main herbs I use are: Nettle Oat Straw Red Clover If you know what you are looking for you can forage these herbs when they are growing in the wild. If you are not sure then you can bulk buy them online.

There are many different herbs you can use and I would strongly recommend that you do your own research and understand what your body needs before deciding on your herbs.

My favourite resource for my research is Susun Weed who gives short and easy videos on YouTube to guide you.

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