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How do you speak to yourself? Your body is listening…

I was recently reminded about Dr Emoto’s water experiment, where he had batches of water exposed to different words. He then froze the water and looked at its structure…

One batch of water, angry, hurtful words were used.

In another batch, words of love and kindness were used.

When he looked at the molecular structure of the water under a microscope, the structure of the ice was very different! The kind words had a beautiful geometric structure. The angry words didn’t have anything even remotely similar. He also did another experiment with rice in water, and the outcome of that the angry words caused the rice to go rotten, and the loving words made the rice ferment and was useable.

You can see a short video here

Why am I sharing this?

Our bodies are made up of 70-80% water…  how we speak to ourselves can then impact the water we hold in our bodies. Our body keeps score. It remembers every single event that has happened to us from conception.

Your body is picking up information all the time. So if we say mean and hurtful things and live in fear and judgement, the cellular structures absorb that, and now science has seen these things pass on from generation to generation.

Quantum biology and Quantum physics understand that these internal chats impact our health and overall well-being.

What can we do?

First off is awareness. We can’t ever make any change if we don’t know what we are doing. Then it’s learning other ways to be, new skills to be kinder, have a new language to be more loving, understanding and compassionate to get rid of fear and judgement.

When we start this practice, life becomes lighter, more joyful, we feel better, we glow from the inside, and people want to be around us (then you might need to build strong boundaries so you don’t attract people who suck the life out of you!).

The mind affects the body, and the body affects the mind! We can’t separate them out…

How can I help?

My book 9 Rules to Sort Your Shit could be a good place to start if you are new to this work. But, you do have to do the exercises in the book, actually do the work… You won’t change, if you don’t change! You can grab a copy of the book here:

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