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And… Rest

I am passionate about finding different ways to help us relax, rest, recharge and quiet the mind… These are all things that I struggled with for a long time. 

This week, how much time are you taking out for yourself?

Do you find it challenging to rest and relax in your environment? Something around the house always needs tidying or cleaning, or someone else wants your attention. 

Would you like to escape for 3 hours and have time that’s just for you? 

Sound like a good idea? 

Escape and look after you! 

Give yourself a half day to reset your body and mind over 3 hours: 

I am excited to offer my half-day mini-retreat – 3 hours of 1:1.

– Check in to get up-to-date on what’s going on
– Movement session to ease out and connect to the body
– Guided Yoga Nidra meditation
– Massage/Reiki/Access Bars/Sound Bath to relax and reset
– Herbal tea/Cacao/water to keep hydrated throughout

Everything is tailored to your specific needs.

All hosted at my private home studio in Springburn.

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