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Love your lymphatic system


I am passionate about finding different ways to help us move more and in ways that more people can join in.

Do you have a daily lymphatic drainage practice?

Unless you are undergoing chemo, or have particular issues with your liver, kidneys or have cancer you will be absolutely fine to do lymphatic work. If you have any of those issues or are unsure, please speak to your doctor or specialist before embarking on this journey.

Now I have cleared that….

Our bodies are incredible, insightful, wise healing machines… But we can only heal when we have the right conditions.

When we have symptoms: of runny nose, cough, itching, fatigue etc, these are our body’s signals that something isn’t right, and it’s doing what it needs to bring peace and harmony into your body. This is a GOOD thing! It’s your lymphatic system at work. But many of us see these symptoms as inconvenient and reach for medicines to suppress the symptoms…

I will not tell you whether or not you should be taking medicine. I suggest you listen to what your body needs and respond to that so it can work its magic and heal.  Rest, hydration, and nutrients are often high on the list of needs.

Your lymphatic system is your internal drainage system that flushes everything you don’t need. Now, if your lymphatic system is sluggish and overloaded with toxins (environmental pollution, processed foods, medicines, alcohol, excess stress, other hormones that need to be processed out etc.) and you are not moving your body often, there will be congestion in there (giving you more symptoms).

The only things that move your lymph fluid is movement and breath. There are main areas of your body that can get choked up – when that happens, and your body struggles to detox out through your waste removal system (pee, poo, sweat, tears etc.). There are six main choke points in the body. And the video above takes you through a routine to help clear those choke points and help support your natural detoxification process.

I teach a lot more about this and the following stages of the process in my Love Your Lymph Course, which you can do online in your own time or I can coach you through it over 4 x 45mins sessions.

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