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Movement Mondays – Alternative Back Stretch

I am passionate about finding different ways to help us move more and in ways that more people can join in.  

I was super fit and thought that because I was fit I was healthy.

I was wrong!  

I wasn’t listening to the wisdom of my body. I was also learning from working with clients, that one size doesn’t fit all with anything. We are all beautifully unique individuals – and that includes our movement patterns. 

With these emails and my social media posts, I try to give as many different ways to move. 

If you are struggling with something, please reach out to me to see how I can help. 

Alternative Back Stretch

If you have osteoporosis, arthritis in the spine, or a bulging disc the roll-down back stretch  I shared last week isn’t the best stretch for your back. The roll-down can put too much pressure on the discs (vertebrae).

This stretch, using a chair, desk, kitchen counter, and the back of the sofa is a good and safer alternative. 

It also feels really good to do!

If the video above doesn’t load, you can see the video here https://youtube.com/shorts/Y0H…

If you are working with issues, I would recommend booking a 1:1 session before joining class so we can discuss the best options for you. 

1:1 sessions can be in person, or online via Zoom. We can do 30, 45 or 60mins and you can book a 1-off or a block.  If you are not sure what you would need I do offer free 15mins online consultations.  


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