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Breathing In Pilates

Layering in the breath to the moves in Pilates is a fantastic way to enhance your experience of the exercises. 

In Yoga, we are often encouraged to belly breathe, which is lovely, but only sometimes. I would argue that there are times in Yoga that doing the lateral breathing that we do throughout Pilates is actually more beneficial for some movements. 

In my Pilates fundamentals course I go into the Pilates breathing technique, and how to do it. 

YOU can get a sneak peak at that video here https://youtu.be/GnhkNfjOSd8

If you would like to know more about the full Pilates fundamentals course check it out www.iamjenwilson.com/pilates 

I do always remind my participants that if layering in the technique of lateral breathing is just one stage too much, not to worry about it, make sure that the breath is moving in and out and that you are not holding your breath. 

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