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Benefits to Doing Yoga & Pilates Online

Moving classes online wouldn’t have been on my list of priorities or even been possible with my client base had we not been forced into it back in March 2020. 


As much as it’s not a way I love teaching, it has meant that not only have my current clients been able to keep a routine in their lives, keep their bodies moving and keep connected with their community. They have also saved me. 

I am a people person. I love helping people. It’s my life’s purpose and teaching online has meant that I have been able to help people that wouldn’t otherwise have been able to make my classes. 



Benefits to classes being online (as advised by my clients):

  • You don’t need to have your camera on you are on mute so no need to worry about farting/groaning/noisy breathing
  • No travel time
  • Not self-conscious about other people seeing you
  • No need to drive can play any music you want in the background
  • Can still participate when on holiday/staying away from home
  • Can participate when they don’t live close
  • You don’t need to tidy up the house (especially if your camera is off)
  • You can do class in your jammies
  • You don’t have to worry about shaving your legs or pits
  • No worries about child care/partners work schedule
  • Don’t have to think about physical distance
  • You can take as many rests as you want without worrying who sees you

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