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It’s the season to really look after you lymphatic system

Welcome to your movement Monday email… 

It’s the season of bugs, viruses, colds, flu… and the time that a daily lymphatic routine is ESSENTIAL!

Symptoms we experience whether through illness, allergies, our menstrual cycles, perimenopause or menopause are signals from our body of something we need to listen to. Responding compassionately is where healing occurs…

Something that I am trying to get away from is when our body is symptomatic (runny nose, fever, etc) that this is not a bad thing, but the wonderful genius that our body is functioning as it should and doing what it needs to to get rid of the toxins, viruses and bacteria that shouldn’t be there. 

We are conditioned to believe it’s a nuisance and must suppress the symptoms as quickly as possible to ‘get on with things’. 

What if we rest, hydrate, nourish, honour and respect first and only if that prolongs, then head to the medicine cabinet?

When we support our lymphatic system (all the time), it works much more efficiently. 

If you do my Pilates classes, you will be familiar with the lymph flush that we do at the start of class – this should be done daily to help keep things moving… 

Working your lymphatic system regularly helps reduce inflammation in the body, which helps reduce symptoms of hay fever & allergies, reduces fat stores and bloating, improves digestion and moves colds and viruses along faster…

There are a couple of caveats with lymph work.

If you have an autoimmune disease, don’t do a flush when you are in a flare – it will make things worse; the head and neck flush is still okay to do. 

If you have cancer, regardless of whether you are undergoing treatment, you must speak to your oncologist. Some cancers and treatments really benefit from this work. Others do not. I am not a doctor, so you need to speak to them. 

If you have kidney issues, also speak to your doctor before doing the lymph work. 

To learn this work, you can either book 1:1 sessions with me either in person or online.

Or you could do my online self-study course, where you can start immediately and have lifetime access to the content.  

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