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Control The Controllable

What do I mean by that? 

You control what goes in your mouth – eat and drink with intention to be healthy. You know that tanning a bottle of wine and eating the whole cheese board/chocolate cake isn’t good for you every day… Start to ask yourself WHY you are reaching out for these comforts and IF you really need them? 

You control what goes in your mind – the news and social media can be really toxic for our thoughts and energy. Start to ask yourself WHY you are reaching out for these distractions and IF they are really informing you and offering you comfort?

You control your thoughts – the more often you catch yourself being judgemental, or over dramatizing imagined conversations with people, the easier it becomes to have a giggle at yourself and stop that thought process. Start to ask yourself WHY you are thinking this way and IF you are feeling good about them?

You control what you do with your body – you can choose to sit on the couch and watch TV all day, or you can get up and move your body. Start to ask yourself WHY you are reaching out to hit next episode and IF you really need another show?

You control your breath – shallow, stressful breathing or working on different breathing techniques. A lovely calming technique is in for 4 out for 6 (through your nose).   

We can’t control the weather – we can control how we dress for it. 

We can’t control the government – we can write to our MP’s & MSP’s to speak up for us. 

We can’t control the virus – we can control washing our hands and staying away from people if we or they are unwell. 

We can’t control the media – we can control the on/off switch on the TV & radio and we can speak up when they are misinforming us – the internet is there with all the genuine facts and figures without the attention grabbing headlines. 

Your health and happiness is your responsibility. This is not a new drum I am beating. It’s been the same one I have been banging since I started working in this industry in 2009. 

Control your controllables. 

Be Kind, Be Curious

Jen xx

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