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Do you get out into nature enough?

Did you know that connecting with nature is like hitting the reset button for your body & soul? It’s like a big, warm hug from Mother Earth.

Getting outside more can help reset our circadian rhythm (our internal 24hour clock). So if you struggle to sleep at night or get up in the morning, are you spending enough time outside (every single day!)?

And the benefits don’t stop there…

Being in nature calms your nervous system – even if you think you don’t like being in nature!

It boosts your happy hormones seratonin and dopamine.

Going for walks and hikes in nature is being in your outdoor gym (only better for you because of the fresh air, the terrain, the sounds and natural light).

It’s the perfect time to do a digital detox and reduce your screen time!

Being in nature environments whether its the hills, forest or beach reduces anxiety, regulates blood pressure, reduces inflammation and improves your immune system!

If you take it a step further and do some gardening, grow your own food or forage, you will be boosting your gut microbes…

If you have ever done a class outside, you will know how much better you feel than when you do the exact same thing inside…

Myself and my friend Vicky, want to encourage you outside and to join us… Woodland Yoga & Foraging, in Bishopbriggs.

Practising Yoga outside has a whole different energy. Your mind is disconnected from everyday life, which can be much more challenging when you are in your home.

I will guide you through a beginner’s level, gentle Yoga practice. Then Vicky will teach you about foraging, what’s safe to eat from the land, the benefits, and how to forage legally and sustainably. We will then provide a nourishing herbal, seasonal chai.


Sunday 13th Aug 4-7pm

Meeting point Cadder Church car park, Bishopbriggs


There are only a few spaces left so get booking your space.

Booking link…

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