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Who knew how and when you breathed in exercise could advance the benefits?!

Who knew your breath was so important when it comes to releasing tension and building strength in your body?!

Well, the Yogis have known for hundreds if not thousands of years, Joseph Pilates seemed to be pretty aware when he included it as an integral part of Pilates back in the 1920s… 

But did you know and do use your breath? 

It’s something I teach in class, and one-to-one and is going to be an important part of my up-and-coming Happy Hips Workshop. 

If you do have tight hips, I want to help you out with my Happy Hips Live Online Workshop on Saturday 5th Aug at 1115am. Don’t worry if you can’t make it live, it will be recorded for you to access later.

Here are some fun facts;

-tight hips can cause constipation

-tight hips can cause back pain

-tight hips can increase your fall risk

-how and when you breath changes depending on the intention of your outcome… 

I have (and still do) worked with clients with hip replacements. There are a couple of movements that are not recommended for hip replacements and adaptations can be made (which I offer in this workshop and my classes).

I don’t want you to wait until you need a hip replacement before you do something about it… If your hips are tight, lower back is painful, your body generally feels still and achy, please do check it out. 

I would love to see you there… 

Saturday 5th Aug

1115am online via zoom (no driving, no parking, just switch on your phone, tablet, laptop or computer and join)

It will be recorded if you can’t make it live. 

It’s only ¬£15

Book your space here >>>…

If you have any questions or concerns about joining, please do reach out. 

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