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What is Reiki?


What is Reiki, and how could it be beneficial to you?

I am glad you asked…

Reiki is a very cool, energy-healing process that’s been around for a while now, 2023 is 100 years since the practice I deliver (Usui) has been around.

It’s all about tapping into this mysterious, cosmic life force energy that flows through everything, including us humans. I know it sounds a bit ‘out there’ but, it’s on of the most researched energy healing practices in science.

So, the word “Reiki” comes from Japanese, “Rei” meaning universal or spiritual, and “Ki” meaning life force energy, similar to “Chi” in Chinese or “Prana” in Yoga. It’s all about connecting with this universal energy and using it to promote healing, relaxation, and all-around good vibes.

The way it works is pretty straightforward. Imagine you have this skilled Reiki practitioner (that would be me). They’re energy wizards! They use their hands to channel that life force energy into your body. It’s not a massage, though, no kneading those knots. Instead, they gently place their hands on specific areas of your body to get that cosmic energy flowing.

This whole energy dance helps to clear any blockages or imbalances in your energy flow. It’s like unclogging a drain – you want everything to flow smoothly! So, if you’ve been feeling stressed, anxious, or just not yourself, Reiki could help realign your vibes and get you back on track.

Reiki is pretty versatile, too! You can use it to tackle physical, emotional, and spiritual issues. It’s not just for hippies and mystics; even skeptics have found it surprisingly soothing. Plus, it’s non-invasive.

Some people describe the experience as warm and tingly, while others might feel a deep sense of calm and relaxation. You might even drift off into a little dreamland – that’s normal and encouraged! I am delighted when I hear the gentle rumble of a snore.

I read about a study comparing cancer patients split into 3 groups. 1 group had no Reiki sessions, 1 group had Reiki delivered by a Reiki master, and the other had Reiki from someone who had been talked through the instructions for delivering a Reiki session.

The 2 groups getting Reiki saw a reduction in pain, a greater sense of improved well-being, and faster healing than the group who received no Reiki…

Magical… and you don’t need to have cancer to benefit…

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