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Move Your Body


I am passionate about finding ways to help us move more and in ways that more people can join in.  I have a timetable of live online classes that don’t suit everyone.

Current Live Online Timetable

Tuesday 10am Gentle Pilates

Wednesday 10am Relaxing Yoga, 12pm Mobility & Strength (30min class)

Saturday 10am Posture Pilates 

For years I had clients asking me to do a DVD that they could do at home… That technology was above and beyond my capabilities and was also very expensive to do. 

Thankfully, with the progression of technology, I have been able to create a digital library that gives you access to recordings anytime that suits you. I now have over 150 classes in there and every month I am adding more… 

There are sessions there to suit different abilities (beginners, and experienced,  lying on the floor, seated and standing). 

Also, there is a range of class durations from 10mins through to 90mins. 

I also do requests… If there is a type of class, specific area of your body you need help with or duration, you can email a request and if possible, I accommodate. <xtagstartz< I actually love doing these types of sessions!)

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