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Breast care through nutrition


I did a podcast that I released the other day about breast health and nutrition. 

There are simple things we can do to improve our health that reduce the risk of breast cancer, or if in the unfortunate instance, you get a diagnosis, improve the chances of a better outcome. 

You can watch the podcast on YouTube here

Or listen on any of the podcast platforms by searching I Am Jen Wilson. 

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The highlights in case you can’t get to listen:

Vitamin D is essential for overall health and immune system function.  

Iodine 3mg daily is all you need to saturate your thyroid (in Japan they eat on average 12mg per day!! and have the lowest incidences of breast cancer in the world. Living by the sea you breathe in iodine from the sea air. 

Omega 3 which helps reduce inflammation and again essential for your overall health

Magnesium again essential for immune and nervous system health

Fermented Foods if you have been reading my Saturday Kitchen emails, you will know that I have brought these into my diet recently and have been achieving impressive results with them in the improvement and recovery from the antibiotics I was on last year and the horrific flare I was in. Fermented foods produce essential bacteria that we need in the gut… The research on these foods is sparse, but the small amount done is seeing phenomenal improvements in inflammation markers. And inflammation is at the root of ALL illnesses. 

And I also include…. your daily lymphatic drainage routine… I can’t talk enough about the importance of doing this work. It clears toxins, reduces inflammation, improves blood flow… and so much more… You really NEED this in your life!!! 


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