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Boom and bust energy cycles. The difference between fatigue and lethargy

I hope this email finds you well. I recently did a podcast episode talking about energy, being in a cycle of boom and bust and understanding the difference between fatigue and lethargy and how to heal from each. 

If you have ever been unwell, you have likely experienced fatigue. If you live with a chronic health condition, you likely contend with it regularly. 

Fatigue is when you feel like someone has forgotten to plug you in to recharge. Lifting an arm can be an effort. Your whole body feels heavy, your head feels spacy and something inside just isn’t firing to get your body to work. This can come on suddenly with no explanation, it can come on when you have been around certain people, if you have expended a lot of energy and not taken time to rest… but it doesn’t always come on after you have been busy (which doesn’t always make sense, until you learn more about what your body wants and needs).

The only way to recover from fatigue is to rest. You can’t push through. I would recommend flooding your body with vitamins and minerals such as doing nourishing herbal infusions… eating fermented foods like kimchi… and getting good quality protein… I would also recommend doing the lymphatic drainage work that I teach on my Love Your Lymph Course (…)

Lethargy is a different kettle of fish… If you are lethargic, you can feel pretty flat too. The difference with lethargy is once you get up and start doing things, you will feel better. Moving helps recharge your batteries.  Doing things, being around the right people, getting outside will help give you energy. 

A quick way of knowing whether you are working with fatigue or lethargy if you are unsure is get up and try something. Fatigue, you will feel worse, lethargy, you will start to feel better. You are listening to your body to understand what it needs, then honouring that!

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