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Movement Mondays – Neck Stretches

If you are spending a lot of time with your head handing forward – on your phone/tablet or at a laptop… or even like me doing treatments like massage, reiki and access bars – then you might notice that your neck hurts. It might even be so tight that you get headaches from it. 

Before you reach for the painkillers, lets see if we can get more movement into your neck to release the pain. 

I am passionate about finding different ways to help us move more and in ways that more people can join in.  

I used to be super fit and thought that because I was fit I was healthy.

I was wrong!  

I wasn’t listening to the wisdom of my body. I was also learning from working with clients, that one size doesn’t fit all with anything. We are all beautifully unique individuals – and that includes our movement patterns. 

With these emails and my social media posts, I try to give as many different ways to move. 

If you are struggling with something, please reach out to me to see how I can help. 

Neck Stretch & Mobility

You can do these moves pretty much anywhere – sitting at the traffic lights, on the toilet, at your desk, waiting for the kettle to boil… 

It feels really good to do! 

If the video above doesn’t load, you can see the video here https://youtube.com/shorts/Y0H…

If you are working with issues, I would recommend booking a 1:1 session before joining class so we can discuss the best options for you. 

1:1 sessions can be in person, or online via Zoom. We can do 30, 45 or 60mins and you can book a 1-off or a block.  If you are not sure what you would need I do offer free 15mins online consultations.  

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