Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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What’s the best detox?

I hope you are well this Wednesday… 

Last week, someone asked, ‘what’s the best detox to do? they were feeling bloated and sluggish’. 

Now, the response I gave probably wasn’t what they wanted to hear. I am sure they were looking for a quick fix pill/diet/juicing protocol they could follow for a few days. 

I then took the response and shared it on my social media pages with an invitation to join my 5 day body and mind reset (it’s free) and the link for you to join or rejoin if you have done it before is below). 

I also released a podcast on the subject yesterday… 

And now I am sharing with you too…

This topic really got me thinking and speaking up. 

For too long the ‘wellness’ industry has made false promises to us (particularly women) about quick fixes and fads that promise we will feel great if we just do XYZ… 

Until the next thing comes round… 

Watch the podcast below 

My post on social was this:

Doing a ‘detox’ isn’t a thing… Yes you do things to support your system but taking supplements and expensive juices isn’t the way to do it… 

  • You need to do a daily lymph routine to support your body’s detoxifying system.
  • There are no foods or supplements that will detox you, only things that may help your system. 
  • The lymph system collects toxins, dumps them into kidneys/liver/lungs/sweat glands etc for excretion. If they are blocked up your system can’t clear. 
  • Boost your digestive system by taking a Swedish bitters 30mins before eating.
  • Remove ultra processed foods from your diet and eat gut friendly fiber and fermented foods 
  • Drink structured water to make sure you are well hydrated and move your body… 

I have a free 5 day body and mind reset that will help teach you what I have just mentioned. If you would like access for free drop a in the comments and tag anyone who has been talking about doing a detox so they can get access too.

Please don’t waste money on supplements and fad juicing, they might feel like they are working in the moment, but long term they are damaging your health.

This is my general health advice if you want to ‘detox’, lose weight, feel healthier… It’s back to basics, remove the crap, move your body… 

It’s simple… Doesn’t mean it’s easy, if it was none of us would be sick or overweight!

Join me free 5 day body & mind reset here >>>

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