At the end of 2018 (like I do every year) I set myself a focus word for the year ahead. I never know how the word or the year will pan out.

My word for 2019 is Unhiding.

In my mind I thought it would be me being on top of my business, weekly videos out on YouTube, all over social media, monthly workshops, travelling with my workshops, collaborations with loads of other amazing business owners and getting away on holiday at least a couple of times to the sunshine.

The reality of my year has been pretty much the opposite of all that. Due to circumstances I have pulled back from everything related to business.

What I have been learning is who I am, what my real hair colour looks like – I have been growing out the blonde (which I have been since I was about 13). I have also been unhiding from what it means to have my friend Crohn’s. As much as I thought the hospital were wrong and had misdiagnosed me, it seems I was wrong and got complacent about looking after myself.

All the things I have to be grateful for unhiding this year so far include, I love my natural hair colour, I am prioritising myself and my health, I have amazing friends and family in my life…

I have caught myself a few times saying that it has been a really challenging start to 2019 or that it’s been really rough. The truth is, there have been a couple of challenges, there have been a couple of set backs but all the great and positive things totally outweigh those.

When you feel like the universe is against you, do you remember to look for the good things to be grateful for?

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