Change is EXCITING

Sometimes we just need to shake things up… and change is exactly what I needed. My pride and joy Warrior Woman Project® still exists but in the capacity of a personal development programme, course, & book. I still love it, but I have come to a point where it doesn’t completely fit with who I am.

So, who am I? That is a very good question, the birth name I go by is Jennifer Wilson, most people call me Jen and I am totally happy with either of those names. I am here, I am on the planet in this time to do something special. The problem was I was hiding. When i did some personal work I realised that I was still hiding from bullies back at school… I was never really bullied in the way that I have heard other being having horrendous experiences, but I was very aware who they were and did my best to hide from them… That it seemed included me not wanting to use my name…

So now is the time for me to come out of hiding… I am here Jen Wilson (or Jennifer if you prefer) and I am here to make my mark on the world, I am ready to step in to my power and help the people that need me.

I cannot wait to share, experience and work with you

love and positive vibes

Jen x

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