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If you have a sore lower back and sit a lot of the day… you need this

If you have lower back pain and you spend a lot of time sitting, there is a good chance that the back pain is coming from: 

  • tight hip flexors
  • weak abdominal muscles
  • weak pelvic floor
  • overstretched lower back
  • weak glutes (butt muscles)

A common misconception when you feel pain in your lower back is that you need to stretch it… but (if you are sitting most of the day) there is a good chance that your lower back is overstretched! 

So, what can you do? 

Get your hips moving in isolation. This will get your glutes, pelvic floor and lower abdominals activated while releasing and relaxing the hip flexors and lower back. 

This is something we regularly do in Pilates class.

Are you ready to start your Pilates journey? 

Working with me, you can either go alone with my on demand membership, join the live online classes, or work with me 1:1 either online or in person at my home studio in Springburn. 

Not sure where to start or have questions? just hit reply to this email! 

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