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Are you losing control in this busy season?

So many people I speak to talk about the madness of December and how they ‘just have no time’, and they are rushed and pushed all over the place with many, many commitments. They are stretched to breaking point… 

Is this you? 

Are you saying yes to everything, even if you really don’t want to go? 

I saw one of my friends talking about this on her social media. When I thought about her post, I realised, I am really good at saying no to things I don’t want to do.

It took practice, I am a people-pleaser in recovery. 

I remember the first time I said no to an invitation. It was just a no, with no explanation, no rationale, just a no… And do you know what? Nothing bad happened! I wasn’t challenged, no one fell out with me, nothing… 

It can be easy to get caught out, especially if the thing you are being asked about is months into the future… You have probably agreed to go to a concert or a dinner because it’s so far away you can’t even comprehend how you will feel closer to the time, then as it approaches, you start to dread it… 

A good tip for far-away invites is to ask yourself: if this was in the next 72 hours, would I want to go? If it’s not a definitive yes, then it’s a no… 

I talked last Wednesday in the email about knowing and understanding your values… <<<< this is where they come into play,  your decision-making when you ask yourself, are you truly living by your values… 

It’s the first rule in my book 9 Rules to sort your shit (which you can buy here), and one of the initial pillars I teach in The Healing Rebel Mastery Membership (full details are here). 

When we have (and live by) these values and boundaries, we are less stressed, which means we have more energy, feel happier, have more time to do the things we actually want to do and reduce inflammation in the body – which means fewer symptoms if you live with chronic illness or are peri/menopausal. 

Are you ready to take better care of yourself? 

If you are saying yes, what are the next steps you need to take to make that happen? 

If there is anything I can help with, please reach out. 

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