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Adapting exercises to help get you moving


I love (and am exceptionally good at) finding adaptive and alternative ways to do exercises. 

I know the importance of building strength and movement for your health and even more so as you get older. None of us are getting out of here alive, but that doesn’t mean you need to become frail and weak. It will make your journey through life exponentially better by being able to move well… 

Speaking from experience, losing your freedom and independence from the inability to move without assistance is devastating. 

And if you do end up unwell or injured, the best way back to health is if you have a strong body in the first place. 

Prevention IS better than the cure 100%. I want to support you through your prevention journey, but I can really help you get your life back if you are living with an illness or injury by helping you find ways that work for you to get your body moving. 

The video below (…) is an example of adapting an exercise (and if this isn’t possible, I have loads more ways up my sleeve!)

Are you ready to start on your movement journey? 

I have live online classes where you can drop in fro £10 or come to up to 3 classes a week for £40 per month. Get details here>>>

Or my Pilates & Yoga on-demand membership, which is only £9.99 per month (for now… the price will be going up soon). More information and sign up here >>>

Not sure where to start or have questions? just hit reply to this email! 

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