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Take time for reflection BEFORE setting new goals

It can be very easy at this time of year to get caught up in what you want next year to look like… BEFORE you do that, can you take a pause to reflect on the year just gone by? I was a chronic overachiever who never took time to celebrate (or even acknowledge) anything I had done. It was always ‘what’s next?’.

Being in that mindset, I was never satisfied with life. Arguably, I have headed down the wrong road for way too long before realising that I took a wrong turn somewhere… If only I had stopped to reflect, acknowledge, celebrate or change course.

But, you live and learn.

A couple of my achievements that went unacknowledged by myself for a number of years that I now am proud of:

I passed my driving test 1st time 2 months after I turned 17.

I moved to Greece in 2002 to go to a job on my own, where I knew no one and didn’t speak a word of the language.

Approximately 13% of the UK population have written a book; I am one of them and am not a natural writer. The only reason I got Higher English was because I had a tutor. (You can check it out here:

Approximately 0.17% of the world’s population has run a marathon (as a registered runner in an event). I ran the Edinburgh marathon in 2011 (and hated every step of it). I then also took part in the Moonwalk, which is walking a marathon distance overnight to raise money for breast cancer.

I have been self-employed since 2010 and am still here, teaching, coaching and guiding you through my life lessons. Check out my offerings at

From 2023 into 2024, I took a pause (yes, this is a new phenomenon for me). It could have been easy for me to end the year feeling like I had failed because I hadn’t met my business goals. When you are self-employed, it can feel like everything needs to be a business goal. If I don’t earn, I don’t eat.

In 2023, I had bigger priorities. My health. Let’s face it: if I don’t have my health, I can’t work, and I definitely can’t eat! In the world of self-employment, there is so much about the hustle, the drive, the keep pushing and doing. So many entrepreneurs are living on coffee and/or energy drinks to keep the buzz up. I used to live on adrenalin and cortisol.

Then I burned out, frazzled my nervous system digestive system, and got chronically ill (with a pile of debt). Since 2017, when I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, my focus has had to change; my priorities are now about healing, rebuilding, repairing and continuing to share my life’s lessons.

My 2023 Reflections

In reflection, I am grateful for the collaborations with other businesses I feel aligned with and love what they do, and we have more plans for 2024.

I am grateful for my lifers, my Pilates family, who have been coming to my classes for 10+ years!!

I am grateful for my scheduling, taking a down week every 7/8 weeks, and getting to go camping or to a caravan in those weeks off.

The joy (after the initial anxiety) of returning to the gym to slowly rebuild the strength I have lost over the last few years that I know is imperative to work on as I enter the menopausal years.

My 2024 Plan

Continue to wake up when I wake up. No alarm unless necessary – yes, I know that this goes against all the ‘productivity rules’, but fuck that. I did the 5 am thing for years, and it contributed to my nervous system dysregulation. I am working with my body and its natural rhythms.

Move my body every day.

Lift some weights 3 times per week.

Get outside for at least 30 minutes every day.

Listen to my body to nourish it in the way that’s right for me.

Pick up a book instead of my phone at 9 pm… And I encourage you to call me out if you see me sharing funny memes after 9 pm!!

What are your reflections and plans?

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