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Holding tension in your body?


I hope you are well.

Are you holding tension in your body?

Because everything in your body is connected, we can hold tension in our shoulders that presents as hip discomfort, or there could be tension in our feet that shows up as neck pain.

That’s why moving lots of your body a little is much better for you than moving a little of your body a lot.

There are lots of ways you can release tension from your body:

Movement – any kind you like, enjoy, and want to do often.

My personal favourites: Pilates, Yoga, Myofascial Tension Release (using a spiky massage ball, tennis ball or foam roller), paddleboarding, dancing around, and walking in nature.

It’s important to know how much you are sitting and moving often if you can switch your sitting position around (see video below).  If you have a standing desk, it’s worth sometimes sitting and being aware of how you stand. Often we favour one hip – that will give you problems over time!

Massage – a full-body massage will help release more tension than just targeting one area (unless there is a specific injury – but even then, I would recommend a full-body treatment).

Reiki/Access Bars – although you lie still during a Reiki (unless you are doing self-Reiki) and Access Bars, the energy in your body is moving. Many people have reported that they feel less physical tension after a session.

What can you do today to help your body?




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