Beginners Hip & Leg Strength

So welcome to Movement Mondays.

If you are sitting all day, then you will NEED to do intentional work to get the muscles in the back of your body working. Today’s video is a simple way to make a start. 

The videos will be short – less than 1 minute (you can also find these on my YouTube channel www.youtube.com/iamjenwilson)

This week’s video is great for building strength in your legs and backside and getting mobility into your hips, which can help relieve back and hip pain. 

This move will help strengthen your posture 

With any movement, always listen to your body. If there is pain, stop. If you are not sure, reach out for help. 


If you want to include more movement in your life and can’t make my live classes, check out my On-Demand Library  www.iamjenwilson.com/on-demand

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