Tuesday, November 24, 2020


Clear Your Lymph For Better Health & Movement

As an advocate for everything and anything that makes us feel and move better I was so excited when I started learning about the benefits of moving our lymph.

It has also connected some more of the missing dots for my on my own health journey in living in better conditions with my friend and teacher Crohn’s. 

I have broken this down in to short videos for you. The introduction you shouldn’t need to watch more than once, the assessment is a full body treatment which you don’t need to do often. Just click on the title and the video should open (If you have any problems, let me know).

Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me jen@iamjenwilson.com or WhatsApp 07875 036659



Head & Neck

Big 6 (1min)

Big 6 + Peripheral

Big 6 + Peripheral + Pump 


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