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Crunchless Core

Standing Crunchless Core You could use a Pilates ball, tennis ball or light weight (but not essential). Reach your arm (without rotating your shoulders forward) and lift high – watch your hand as you lift high. Think about length through the front of your body so you don’t collapse into your lower back. Draw in […]

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Cous Cous Salad

Couscous Salad Fiber Points 12+ 1 cup couscous 2 peppers (any colour) 3 spring onions 1 can chickpeas (drained) 1 chilli (or more if you like hot food) 2 cups veg stock 1 tbsp basil (fresh or dried) 1 tbsp oregano (fresh or dried) Make the couscous – the easiest way in a container that […]

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Gut Healthy Cacao

I hope you are enjoying these recipes…  This week is healthy hot chocolate – I know it’s not really ‘hot chocolate season’… BUT if you love chocolate, it doesn’t have a season!!  I serve a version of this at my mobility & sound bath events (April dates are on sale now: Sat 29th 2pm & Sun 30th […]

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What is Menopause Massage?

If you are struggling with symptoms like: hot flushes brain fog joint pain anxiety mood swings fatigue sleep disruption night sweats irregular periods vaginal dryness loss of sex drive (libido) Know that you are not alone and these symptoms may be a sign of (peri)menopause, or maybe you are post-menopausal and still experiencing symptoms. A […]

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Spring into your 2nd Spring

Spring into your 2nd Spring…Take back control of your life and your health. Perimenopause, Menopause, chronic conditions…Join me 29th April4 weeks online EARLY BIRD PRICE UNTIL 20TH APRIL SAVE £30 #perimenopause #menopause #healthyhabits #acceptance #symptommanagement #crohnsdisease #chronicfatigue #chronicpain #crohnsandcolitis #endometriosis #jointpain #arthritis #fibromyalgia #listentoyourbody #loveyourlife #onlinecoaching

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Tortilla Pizza

Tortilla Pizza Fiber Points 5+   Tomato sauce: Tin tomato (check no added salt or sugar) Chillies (optional) Basil (fresh or dried) Oregano (fresh or dried) 1 clove garlic crushed Blitz together in a food processor or blender   Pizza base: 2 tortilla wraps – sandwich some of the tomato sauce between wraps Dry fry […]

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